Monday, July 25, 2011

Strawberry-Tomato Dessert Sauce with the Roma™ by Weston® Electric Tomato Strainer

Prep Time 5 minutes  

Makes about 20 oz.

1 lb whole fresh strawberries
3/4 lb fresh roma tomatoes, quartered
1/2 cup homemade strawberry jam
(Get the jam recipe here)

1/4 cup sugar
Juice from half of a lime

 Roma™ by Weston® Electric Tomato Strainer
 Weston® Deluxe 5-Piece Canning Kit (optional)

Weigh out your tomatoes and strawberries on a Weston Flat Top Scale. Load them into the hopper of the Roma™ by Weston® Electric Tomato Strainer with the berry screen attached.

Be sure to place a large container under the chute to catch the sauce as well as a smaller container under the waste funnel. Turn the Electric Tomato Strainer on and feed the fruits through, pushing them through with the included stomper.

Once your tomatoes and strawberries have been processed into a puree, stir in the jam, sugar, and lime juice. Serve chilled. Once you try this sauce, you won't be able to get enough, so we recommend making this recipe in bulk and using the Weston Deluxe Canning Kit to can the sauce.

Need some inspiration as to what to do with your dessert sauce? We made Tomato-Strawberry Shortcake (pictured below) with warm corn muffins (add a little extra sugar to the batter) and french vanilla ice cream. It also tastes great on dessert shells with whipped cream (pictured above).

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